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Comprehending Gen Z Accountants as theyjoin the work environment

Every generation of professionals in the field of accounting come across new sets of problems to tackle and provides a distinct range of attributes and skills. For more than a decade, comprehensive research has been carried out by experts in the industry on the effect of millennials in accounting. Of recent, a lot of them […]

$1.4 Billion Penalty Collected by Wall Fargo by 2007

Well’s under new investigation and suit after the new that it has to pay $185 million to settle the charges after opening unauthorized accounts, last year. The case has been settled for almost a decade. This happened as way back when banks started charging money for overdrafts. In fact, they started charging it in a […]

How a Master’s in Applied Psychology and Communication Management prepares you for the Workplace

A study of human behavior, personality, and attitude combined with communication skills is often the perfect recipe for success in many career paths. While getting a Master’s in Applied Psychology can prepare you mentally for consumer and organizational psychology, a Master’s in Communication Management can help you deal with the challenges in operating, giving you […]

Strategies for Overcoming the 5 Most Common Objections!

As usual Zig Ziglar got it right. There are really only five basic reasons your prospects aren’t buying print or digital ads: need, money, hurry, desire, and trust. If you don’t land a sale you have not successfully overcome one of these common concerns. Can your ad sales team effectively counter each of these objections? […]

Is your company LinkedIn?!

LinkedIn is one of the Big 4 social networks.  Instead of friends and family, your followers are former and current colleagues and business contacts.  LinkedIn is a great way to prospect for ad sales leads and build business relationships.  The “links” create a network that joins you with people you may not know who are […]

What is Native Advertising?!

Native Advertising What is it? Native ads are digital ads that mimic the content on the site where it is found.  Native ads have been controversial because they are easily mistaken for the site’s content which has been considered misleading to site readers.  However, the similarity in design creates a less disruptive ad experience.   So […]

The Golfer’s Guide to Better Ad Sales Presentations!

The Masters is next week, which got us thinking – many of the factors that contribute to a golfer’s success also lead to success in an ad sales presentation.  So consider this, for a better golf game and more effective sales presentations: 1. Know the course – Every golf course is different and so is every […]

No Tricks, Just Mobile Treats!

It happens to the best of us. Few things are scarier for an ad sales rep than being caught totally unprepared for a presentation.  Perhaps you forgot your work laptop in the car that’s being repaired this week, grabbed the wrong presentation materials rushing out the door, or lost your flash drive that had your […]

Fall In Love with The Product and Prospects Will Do the Same!

Have you ever been around someone newly in love?  They get enthusiastic  just talking about it.  They smile and light up describing it.  They can (and will) tell you all the great things about that person, all the time.  When they finally introduce this new great love to their friends, they typically highlight the things […]

Digital Video: How it can help you!

Digital video can fall under the content marketing umbrella and continues to be a popular option for marketers looking to reach prospects online.  In fact, nearly three quarters of media buyers have increased their budgets for video.  This increase is likely attributed to the growing base of online video viewers.  Eighty-five percent of US Internet […]

What Kind of Ad Seller Are You?!

During an early season episode of Mad Men, John Slattery’s character, Roger Sterling, offered up this pearl of wisdom about business: The same can be said about ad sales, or any sales for that matter. This is a competitive space and in many instance there aren’t huge differences in the actual product or service that […]

A Team Win: Three Ways Independent Sales Reps Benefit from Working Together!

The term “independent sales reps” probably makes you think of lone professionals working on your behalf to sell your ad products. However, there are advantages to having these reps working as a team, and they’re the same fundamentals that guide championship athletic programs. Independent sales reps are driven in part by competition. They thrive on […]

Think like a Doctor, Not like a Salesperson!

Think about your last visit to a doctor’s office.  What if your doctor ignored your stomach pains entirely and just amputated your leg?  You still have the stomach pains and now you have no leg to boot.  As ridiculous as this may sound, ad sales people do it all the time.  We often get so […]

Spring Clean your Sales Database!

Like anything else, sales databases need a little love and attention. They can get a little messy if not properly maintained. The less they are maintained, the less useful they become to your sales team. Contacts get old.  People change jobs.  Companies move locations and even shut down.  Your database should regularly be updated to […]

Is Body Language Hurting Your Sales Pitches?!

Did you know a thumbs up or ok sign are both considered offensive gestures in some countries? Both signal agreement, but in the wrong context can be perceived quite differently. Believe it or not, body language could be coming between you and sales. Take notice of your and your prospect’s hand gestures, eye contact, body […]

Steal These B2C Digital Tactics for B2B / Association Ad Sales Marketing!

Artist Pablo Picasso was widely quoted as saying, “Good artists copy. Great artists steal.” You can apply the same theory to your ad sales marketing. Once tactics yield results for B2C companies, it’s not unusual for associations and B2B organizations to begin using the same measures. Digital marketing is a good example. Banner ads and […]

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