How a Master’s in Applied Psychology and Communication Management prepares you for the Workplace

A study of human behavior, personality, and attitude combined with communication skills is often the perfect recipe for success in many career paths.

While getting a Master’s in Applied Psychology can prepare you mentally for consumer and organizational psychology, a Master’s in Communication Management can help you deal with the challenges in operating, giving you insight into the demands of a target audience, which enables integrated marketing communication plans.

How Master’s in Applied Psychology can Assist You at Your Workplace

Applied psychology is more than just foundation knowledge of psychology, and it doesn’t require that you engage with patients. A Master’s in Applied Psychology enables you to develop your decision-making, communication, observation, risk-assessment, and problem-solving skills. After assessing your workplace and the behavior of employees, you aid in facilitating healthy interactions by employing basic concepts of psychology to enhance job performance.

Job Prospects for Applied Psychology Students

An online Master’s degree in Applied Psychology is not designed with a focus on personal counseling; it requires you to assist as an organizational psychologist, or a psychological assistant. Due to the ever-increasing demand for organizational psychologists, statistics suggest that you can earn an annual salary of $74,000, which makes organizational psychologists one of the most sought after career paths by students of Master’s in Applied Psychology.

How an Online Degree in Master’s in Communication Management Can Prove Helpful for You

Communication Management allows you to develop concepts that will aid in marketing strategy and enhance corporate communication. A course in Applied Psychology proves useful in communication management where students explore psychological and societal impacts of marketing messages, and the importance of theory and research based on value and attitude formation. Within the workplace, one can identify the destructive behavior and create a strategy to respond correctly with the help of directed communication interventions.

You can further enhance your specialization with different courses, for instance, USC offers a degree in communications with a total of nine courses.

Job scope for Communication Management Students

There are many career options available for those aspiring to pursue a Master’s in Communication Management, including:

  •         Management Consulting
  •         Corporate Communication
  •         Marketing Communication
  •         Training and Development
  •         Sales
  •         Marketing Promotions
  •         Market Research
  •         Public Research, and
  •         Advertising

A Master’s in Applied Psychology and a Master’s in Communication Management are both specializations with core disciplines, and are excellent courses to pursue online because there is no need to include practical work. These courses are highly intellectual, and are based on the development of personal attributes and skills, which you can do online at home. Learn more about USC’s applied science program. These programs are similar to one another in that they allow you to translate complex ideas into actionable strategies by applying fundamental theory in practice. Both of these programs also overlap greatly on a global level even though they function independently of each other.